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Étudiants entre les classes
get your teens to join your project

You moved abroad with teenagers. It's a delicate age and expatriation can be experienced as a real uprooting. Teens leave behind strong friendships, a rich social life, activities in which they were very invested, difficult for them to leave behind.

You see that your teenager is feeling down. His grades are worse at school, he spends a lot of time alone in his room. If any of those situations sound familiar, then I encourage you to take action. It means that your loved one is struggling to adapt because she/he rejects your new life as an expatriate.

Today, your child needs to get over their unhappiness in order to fully project themselves into their new life.

Help them own of their new life as an expatriate, to forge new bonds and to fit in.

how is the first meeting going?

First of all, I invite you to meet with me for a free discovery interview.

This 30-minute exchange by phone, zoom or skype is free and without commitment .

We first get to know each other!

I begin by encouraging you to tell me about the situation you are currently experiencing, which will be the opportunity to discuss your request. Then I explain what my support consists of, and finally I invite you to ask me the questions you have in mind.

The next 1 hour session takes place in two stages .

First of all, we all together discuss the situation and the needs of your teenager. Then, I continue the session alone with the youngster where we share and refine his coaching objective .

At the end of this session, we validate our desire to work together.

I will then give you the Coaching Contract in which are specified the objective, the number of sessions, their duration and frequency, as well as the coaching prices. You will also be given my Code of Ethics.



- The following sessions take place between the teenager and the coach only.

- I organize a final feedback session with the parents and the child.

- The coaching program with your child is generally 5 to 8 sessions lasting 1 hour each, occurring once a week to once every other week depending on the objective and the pace of the teenager.  

I am interested in the teenager's personality, his/her expatriate journey, and his/her learning capabilities to help him/her become aware of his/her obstacles and the resources he/she has available to overcome them.

I use tools specific to young people and adolescents that are accessible and fun (maps, workshops, etc.)

The sessions are confidential so that your child feels comfortable. The information shared with the parents is done with his/her agreement only.


Each session is a safe space for the teenager, and it is a place I wish  welcoming , caring, dynamic and non-judgmental.

The benefits you can expect for your teenager

More open to their environment, able to embrace a new culture

Better self-esteem, better knowledge of himself/herself, comfortable in his/her own skin,

less nostalgic

Academic motivation,

acquisition of new studying and organizational methods

A better relationship with others, managing the loss of friends, fitting into new groups

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