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What is coaching?

As you unravel the thread of a ball of yarn, the coach helps the client to get rid of her/his blockages in order to give meaning and shape to her/his projects.

Coaching work anchored in the present and oriented towards the future, is about what the client wants, the fulfillment of her/his objective. And the coach is there every step of the way.


In the form of a conversation and using many tools and techniques (active listening, NLP, planning, emotional intelligence, relaxation, exercises focused on values and needs, etc.), the coach helps you to ask yourself the right questions. By exploring with you the difficulties or challenges you encounter, it helps you reconnect with your strengths and talents , but also when it is relevant to adopt a new outlook, transform your attitudes and skills.  

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The benefits you can expect at the end of your support

A clear and attainable objective thanks to the acquisition of new behaviors

Better knowledge of yourself

A project aligned with your needs, your values and your identity

General well-being,

a regained balance

A better relationship with your loved ones and those around you

You are able to take action because you know what you really want!


PSYCHOLOGY -  Unlike coaching, the psychologist's work focuses on the client's past.

CONSULTING - The Consultant is an expert who is called upon to obtain his opinion or his opinion on technical or professional issues. He is counted on to understand the problem and present solutions.  Like the coach, the consultant strives to identify the problem and bring out the available solutions.  The difference is that the consultant suggests solutions, whereas with the coach, the solutions come from the client himself .

Mentoring  - A mentor is a guide  and a knowledgeable and reliable advisor. The mentor is the teacher who shares their experience so that their client has a better understanding of the problems and challenges they face. This approach helps the client refine their thinking and cultivate their instincts over time.


Mentoring and counseling are the main choices when seeking knowledge and expertise.

The coach is the subject matter expert in coaching, not necessarily the subject matter expert on the client's coaching subject.

Coaching is different from mentoring and consulting because with pure coaching, the client learns to come up himself to his own conclusions in a concern of learning efficiency, adoption of new behaviors, and thus the implementation of change in respect with the client's personality.

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