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Coucher de soleil
reinvent your role

You have agreed to follow your partner abroad. Well done, because you are shaking up the traditional codes of expatriation! However, it is not easy to be a forerunner even as more and more men follow their partners abroad.

You encounter different difficulties from those experienced by expatriate women which can be exacerbated depending on the status of the man and the woman in the host country. Indeed, in many countries, your situation can be unsettling because it can be unusual for a man to be able to raise his children while his partner is pursuing a career.

You are even more sensitive to issues related to work and financial dependence.

You are not used to talking about how you feel, but today you want to take a step back. You want to save time, you know you cannot walk this path alone.


Today you need to reinvent your role as a man, husband and father.  

Put on your pioneer outfit to conquer your expatriation!

I invite you to quickly overcome the stereotypes and the difficulties to find your place and your project within this expatriation.

I offer 2 support packages to match your needs

You are wondering how to approach this expatriation, or you meet a specific difficulty that you cannot resolve on your own.
This may include:
- Preparation for expatriation
- Return from expatriation
- Difficult transition, stress, cultural shock
- Social integration, 
- Feelings of loneliness, dependence,
- Lack of motivation

This one-time support and shorter allows you to solve this particular point,
to reconnect with yourself and regain well-being and serenity

5 sessions / 2 months
You are ready to go further, to develop your full potential, you want to do an extensive work to achieve a longer term goal such as:
- Identify and plan your lifelong or professional project,
- Find a balanced life style,
- Clarify your vision of your new role, give it the meaning that suits you

This long- term and comprehensive support gives you the means to get there, to become an actor of your destiny again and to find your rightful place.

10 sessions - 5 months


       I worked with Céline in Moscow, Russia where we were expatriated for 6 years. As a Coach, she is pleasant, determined, understanding, professional and always smiling. She is well acquainted with the many issues related to expatriates. I always feel comfortable and supervised in her presence. She does not hesitate to ask the questions necessary to move us forward in our approach.

Marco, Moscow

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