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What is coaching?

how is it different from mentoring and consulting?

Coaching - according to the International Coach Federation, coaching is defined as "a partnership with clients in a stimulating and creative process which inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential". To support the development of a person, a team or an organization, the coach relies on the art of the relationship which allows to interact with someone in such a way that he carries out the projects he chooses to implement by transforming, if relevant, his attitudes and skills.  The coach is the subject matter expert in coaching, not necessarily the subject matter expert on the client's coaching subject. The coach's domain is oriented towards the future, what the client wants. And he mentors the client to make it happen. Coaching is different from mentoring and consulting because with pure coaching, the answers come from the client.

Consulting - The Consultant is an expert who is called upon / who is solicited for his opinion or opinion on technical or professional issues. He is counted on to understand the problem and present solutions.  Like the coach, the consultant strives to identify the problem and bring out the available solutions. The difference is that the consultant presents solutions, whereas with the coach, the solutions come from the client himself. The client does not learn to come to these conclusions on his own.

Mentoring - A mentor is a guide  and a knowledgeable and reliable advisor. The mentor is the teacher who shares their experience so that their client has a better understanding of the problems and challenges they face. This approach helps the client refine their thinking and cultivate their instincts over time.


Mentoring and counseling are the main choices when seeking knowledge and expertise.

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