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take back leadership over your life

By moving abroad, you may have put your career on hold. You now find yourself very invested in your family life, which brings you great happiness but also you may find unsettling.


Once the first months of adjusting, or a period dedicated to your family,

you want to think about yourself and turn this adventure into personal enrichment!

You need to find a new balance in which you blossom. Expatriation is the best time to reinvent yourself!

I support you to overcome your difficulties and find the purpose that suits you!

I offer 2 support packages to match your needs

"BOOST" formula
You are wondering how to approach your expatriation, you face a specific challenge that you cannot resolve on your own.
This may include:
- Preparation for expatriation
- Return from expatriation
- Difficult transition, stress, cultural shock,
- Social integration, 
- Feelings of loneliness, dependence,
- Lack of motivation

This ponctual and shorter support allows you to solve this point in particular, to reconnect with yourself and regain well-being and serenity

5 sessions / 2 months
"release" formula
You are ready to go further, to develop your full potential, you want to do a more thorough work to achieve a longer term goal such as:
- Identify and plan your lifelong or professional project,
- Find a balanced lifestyle,
- Clarify your vision of your new role, give it the meaning that suits you

This long- term and comprehensive framework gives you the means to succeed, to be the driver of your own destiny again and to find your rightful place.

10 sessions / 5 months


        Céline demonstrated a lot of kindness, professionalism and understanding at a time when I needed help to realize myself completely. I highly recommend her to anyone who is questioning and needs an outside person to see more clearly, to put the pieces of the puzzle together and to embark on a new adventure! 

Anaïs, Luxembourg

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